Financial Assistance


As part of our compassionate patient care plan we are here to assist you with financial counseling. Our knowledgeable staff will help research your insurance benefits and will explain the amount of coverage available for the services being requested. Financial assistance may be needed if your insurance doesn’t meet your needs. There have been several foundations that have been created to assist those with needs to help cover the costs of your prosthetic device. We have a short list of a few resources that may be available to you:

For veteran’s only. Check local area telephone directories for listings in your area.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation assists people with physical disabilities in pursuing active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics

Contact your local United Way or Salvation Army for the names of local agencies that might be able to provide assistance.

Many churches and clubs such as Kiwanis and Rotary are able to provide assistance through fundraising.

Equity loans or loans secured by collateral may be available.

CareCredit is a GE Money company that offers low-interest and no-interest payment plans based on your needs and budget.

These services are provided by each state and assist people with disabilities to secure jobs in the field of their choice and in some cases providing financial assistance for orthotic and prosthetic devices. Call to schedule an appointment with a counselor to find out what options are available. Phone numbers are listed in local area telephone directories under “Rehabilitation Services” or “Vocational Rehabilitation Services.”

The mission of this organization is to be a financial bridge for amputees to receive a prosthetic limb who otherwise cannot afford it. Limbs for Life is committed to help amputees gain their independence.

Financial assistance for prosthetic services/assistance fact sheet.

This fund pays for materials and fitting of a new prosthesis after the prosthetist has established that there are no other sources of funding available. The Barr Foundation also accepts monetary, used and new prosthetic devices and components, and will acknowledge all donations with our federal non profit
federal tax identification number for your tax purposes. Please call or e-mail the Barr Foundation for further information.