Financial Assistance


Financial obligations should not prevent the patient from achieving their goals and living their life. At SOLA Prosthetics, helping people is our passion. Internally, we have created opportunities for patients to receive a prosthesis at a discounted rate (must qualify). We are also committed to offering one Pro Bono prosthesis per quarter. Externally, we have compiled a list of non-profit organizations to help with funding, each having their own qualifications. Our goal is to find a way to ‘yes’.

Financial assistance for prosthetic services/assistance fact sheet.

Equity loans or loans secured by collateral may be available.

This fund pays for materials and fitting of a new prosthesis after the prosthetist has established that there are no other sources of funding available. The Barr Foundation also accepts monetary, used and new prosthetic devices and components, and will acknowledge all donations with our federal non profit
federal tax identification number for your tax purposes. Please call or e-mail the Barr Foundation for further information.

CareCredit is a GE Money company that offers low-interest and no-interest payment plans based on your needs and budget.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation assists people with physical disabilities in pursuing active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics

Chive Charities helps underserved people throughout the country with medical needs. They focus on rare medical diseases, but also serve first responders and veterans with medical needs.

Many churches and clubs such as Kiwanis and Rotary are able to provide assistance through fundraising.

The Given Limb Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with amputations or diminished use of their limbs. We aim to support programs, adaptive accommodations, and outreach for those who are facing or have had limb amputations or diminished use of their limbs, particularly our wounded military.

Limbs for Life Foundation is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to providing fully-functional prosthetic care for individuals who cannot otherwise afford it and raising awareness of the challenges facing amputees.

Contact your local United Way or Salvation Army for the names of local agencies that might be able to provide assistance.

Penta was founded by university students in 2016 to bring high quality, low cost prosthetic care to developing countries while repurposing what would otherwise be considered medical waste in the United States.
Many people experiencing trauma or illness do not qualify under the specific guidelines of other organizations. At PMR Charity, we are here to catch those who might otherwise fall through the cracks.
Helping under-served amputees throughout Texas obtain quality prosthetics, comprehensive aftercare and to generate public awareness about limb loss.
ROMP’s mission is to provide high quality prosthetic care in underserved populations, which enhances mobility and unlocks human potential.

The Range of Motion Project (ROMP) US Assistance Program (USAP) serves people with amputation who do not have access to prosthetic care due to immigration status, lack of insurance or extreme financial hardship.

Steps of Faith is a nonprofit public charity dedicated to providing prosthetic care, hope, and comfort to amputees needing financial support. We help uninsured and underinsured amputees get the prosthetic limbs they need. We restore mobility, we restore possibilities.

For veteran’s only. Check local area telephone directories for listings in your area.

These services are provided by each state and assist people with disabilities to secure jobs in the field of their choice and in some cases providing financial assistance for prosthetic devices.  Schedule an appointment with a counselor to find out what options are available.